Which network provider has the best data offers?

One debate that has been raised years before and will be raised in the years to come concerns data and network providers. People cannot just seem to agree on which network provider offers the best of data plans. Is it GLO with their staggeringly cheap data prizes, MTN with its numerous plans of different types, or is it 9mobile with its lightning-fast connection or is it Airtel with a tiny bit of all.

One thing to remember, however, is that a great data offer does not mean cheap. Neither does it mean fast. It simply means a plan that combines all needed properties in sufficient amounts just as it is with cheap call rates.

How Much?

Let’s have a look at Prices. MTN’s data plans are cheap, to an extent. MTN’s best plan offers 85GB data for #50,000. Doing the math, you realize that for #1000 they offer 1.7GB.

GLO? They offer a whopping 120GB for an unbelievable #20,000. That’s 6GB for #1,000.

9mobile offers 120GB for #110,000. Roughly 1.1 GB for #1000.

AIRTEL offers 60GB for #20,000. Giving us 3GB for #1,000.

Basically, GLO easily tops the list. Their prices are unbeatable. AIRTEL comes in second place offering exactly half of what GLO does. Followed by MTN, then Etisalat. Yay for GLO.


How Fast?

When using 4G how fast do these networks go?

MTN runs at 18 Mbps. However, on 3G, the network is slow at times.

9mobile runs at 4.4 Mbps. But on 3G, 9mobile is extremely fast. The fastest, I may say.

AIRTEL does not have a 4G network option.

GLO barely runs on 3G talkless of 4G. The network didn’t stay on long enough for a test.

I think MTN wins this, but barely. People would rather have 9mobile because 4G isn’t as popular as 3G.


P.S: These were just drawn from random observations from people and should not be trusted completely. But there’s so much truth in it.


You’ll agree with me that speed and price are the two most important things to consider. Especially if you are a fan of Android phones that are known to guzzle data as a hobby.

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