Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo challenge is Nostalgic. For this one I decided to do something different. I’m going to ask you, the blog reader/viewer to take a slightly more active roll in my post. Your job is to imagine that you’ve been up in the attic of your old Uncle Max’s house. Max has recently passed from earthly plane, and it’s your job to deal with some of his stuff. While sorting through the many, many, MANY boxes, you come across a small box full of photographs. What you discover is that old Max was a bit of a car buff, and took a lot of pictures to prove it (why you didn’t know this about Max tells you just how little time you spent with the dear old guy, but that’s something to tell your analyst during the next session).

So, you flip through them (in this case, click on the first one to start the slide show), and peruse the pictures that Max took. Some are older, black and white, even sepia tone, while some are from the 60’s and 70’s. In the end, you realize that Max, who never owned a car in his life, had a secret passion for one. And it makes you smile, and just a bit nostalgic.

In reality, all these picture were taken today on Pender Island, for the annual Show ‘n’ Shine car show, a fund raising event for the Pender Highlanders Pipe band. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them, and adding some nostalgic spin.

Max and I thank you for visiting…

About gregorychankins

I am a writer, volunteer fire fighter and avid kayaker. I live in Canada’s Southern Gulf Islands with my wife Susan and our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Charlie.
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17 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

  1. Madelaine says:

    Love old car shots….these are great!

  2. Tim Frick says:

    Very artistic and nostalgic. The show was a trip down memory lane.

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  5. Tina Schell says:

    Looks like a great show, and your photos are wonderfully creative. Well done!

    • Thanks, Tina! The real acknowledgement should go to the people who meticulously rebuild and care for these old cars. They were all polished to a mirror finish.

  6. What a great set of shots.. I am a bit green with envy as this would have been one fun photo shoot..Beautiful and full of nostalgia!!

    • Thanks, Lynne. It was a fun shoot. I only had about 15 minutes to run around and take pictures, but the cars were all so photogenic that it was easy. Next year I’ll have to plan it a bit better and maybe, just maybe, I’ll have a new camera by then. :)

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  8. Amy says:

    Great photo collections of cars!

  9. Really enjoyable. Your shots did these beauties justice.


  10. Deb says:

    Great pictures. I especially like the one taken from the back of the blue truck and the vintage steering wheel shot. Now I am wishing we had popped by for a look.

    • Thanks, Deb! I think you and family would have enjoyed it. So many neat cars to look at. But, as usual, so many things to do on Pender and often on the same day at the same time! Next year…

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