Weekly Photo Challenge: beyond

Beyond is a very interesting word. It seems to me that it’s full of mystery and possibility. We humans spend much of our time either literally or figuratively peering into the distant horizon wondering what lies ahead for us, beyond this given moment.

Here’s how I see the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond.

Nothing is more inviting than a warm spring day beyond an open window.Beyond the Open Window

Many mysteries live beyond our earthly bounds and call to us from the night sky.Beyond the Trees and Night Sky

So many possibilities lay beyond the inviting path ahead.Beyond the Path and Around the Corner

What new shores will we find beyond our present course and bearing?Beyond My Present Course


About gregorychankins

I am a writer, volunteer fire fighter and avid kayaker. I live in Canada’s Southern Gulf Islands with my wife Susan and our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Charlie.
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40 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: beyond

  1. I really enjoy your pictures Greg, keep up the great work

    • Thanks, Jennifer. It’s been such a busy last few days that I’ve hardly had a chance to get on my computer to put this one together. This working for a living gets in the way of so much fun!

  2. Great photos but the last one is truly stunning!

    Where did you take it?

    Keep up the great work ;)

  3. Deb says:

    I love the pictures especially the path and the view from the kayak. The path looks like it could be part of a lovely walk.

  4. caraaawrrr says:

    I love your photos!!

  5. sha'tashari says:

    Really love the mysteries of the night image. Beautiful.

  6. Anita Mac says:

    Great shots. Love the mystery behind the night shot! The kayak is great too….will be a while before I can get back in the water but you have me craving the open space and tranquility of the moment.

    • Thank you, Anita. We’re both craving the open water. I hurt my shoulder recently and the physiotherapist says I’ll have to give it at least a couple of weeks before I can paddle again. :(

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  8. free penny press says:

    “So many possibilities lay beyond the inviting path ahead.”.. so much truth to these words.. As I have begun paying closer attention to the world around me (with my new found picture taking) I realize there really is so much beauty even in the ugly.. I connected with you on Yahoo (you
    will not be amazed at my pics) Looking forward to seeing yours though :-)

    • Thanks, Lynne. I saw that you connected via flickr. I couldn’t disagree more, I think you’re photos capture the world around you so very well. You seem less afraid of taking shots of peoples faces than I am. I guess we’re both on a new found photo exploration. Lots of exploring yet to do. :)

  9. jelillie says:

    Loved these photos. They are very inspiring.

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  11. Nando says:

    That last picture is the best of the bunch!

    • Thanks, Nando. The last one seems to be the favourite. It was from a solo kayaking trip I did around the island I live on. Perfect conditions, and I was feeling on top of the world.

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  13. The Guat says:

    I like them all, but I really enjoyed the last one.

  14. Tanner says:

    Brilliant photos for the theme. I’m glad I don’t have to choose a favourite!

  15. Al;l beautiful; – the middle two are other-worldly! I especially love that moon shot!

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  17. Su Leslie says:

    Beautiful photos. Your shot of the kayak reminded me that I’d decided yesterday to swap my morning walk for a paddle – then this morning I forgot. AAAgh!

    • Thank you, Su. It’s always great to hear from a another paddler. I’ve been getting over a shoulder injury and have just started to get out on the water again. It feels so good. I must have been a marine mammal in my previous life. I feel so at home on the sea.

      • Su Leslie says:

        I was definitely not aquatic in any past life. Kayaking for me is a very precarious balancing act; sheer exhilaration and abject terror. Going out is an act of battling my drowning demon. Hope your shoulder heals quickly!

      • Su Leslie says:

        I definitely wasn’t an aquatic creature in any past life! I’m actually quite terrified of water, and kayaking is my attempt to quell the demon. Part of me is absolutely petrified every time I’m on the water, and the other part of me exhilarated by the experience.
        Hope your shoulder heals quickly so you can enjoy many more adventures.

  18. Su Leslie says:

    Damn. I was sure the first reply hadn’t actually posted. Apologies!

  19. Great pictures- did you take the Header picture as well? WOW!

    • Thank you, vastlycurious! Yes, that was one of my best days kayaking. 5 orcas came right at us, diving right in front of my kayak. I could see them under me as they passed. My only regret is that I was too excited to take good pictures.

      • Simply amazing..were you not scared? Kathryn

      • Hi Kathryn. Sorry to take so long in getting back to you.

        Surprisingly, I wasn’t at all nervous about the whales. Mostly I was just too excited. I’ve been out with whales before, but not that close. So I’ve grown a little bit used to them (a little bit). Also, I knew they were part of the resident pods that only eat fish. I would probably be a bit nervous of transient orcas, but I’ve never heard of them living up to there other name of Killer Whales. To be honest, I think they are a lot more afraid of us than we are of them. 5 sea lions around my kayak, now that would make me very nervous. They’ve been known to flip kayaks.

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